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Safety Advice

Get as much information as possible from sellers. Check pictures to make sure they are real and not just downloaded from internet. Be careful of dodgy pictures

Never pay a fee in advance. Buyandsell does not encourage this.

Never reveal your financial details to sellers. Meeting Seller face to face is advised and check item well before payment to make sure that product is as described.

Be sure to meet sellers in safe location. You may go with someone

Make sure to check items to make sure it matches description online before making payment.

Be careful of time wasters and sellers that are not straightforward. Avoid such and report to us immediately.

Avoid use of money gram and Western Union for transaction as they are supported on our platform

Be security conscious and shop safely.

When it comes to websites:

Look out for: 

Messages that ask you to log in or make a payment quickly before your ad is deleted or account closed. Legitimate companies/sellers don’t do such a thing.

Fake websites. They’ll look like the real thing, except for small details, like spelling mistakes or name changes. Look for the padlock in the address bar before you enter your details. If you’re not sure, don’t share your details

Websites that are blocked by your web browser or anti-virus software. Fake websites often contain malicious software (malware). It lets scammers tamper with your computer and sometimes steal personal information.

With emails, be aware of: 

Fake email addresses. Again, they’ll often look a bit different to the real thing, or contain mistakes. An email from doesn’t prove that it’s from us. We will only contact users via and

Messages that ask you to provide your bank with a PIN or password via email. Be sure its not from us. Report immediately.

When it comes to calls, watch out for: 

People who call you out of the blue and ask you to confirm personal details, passwords or bank details. Legitimate companies won’t do this

Instructions to visit and log into your account immediately.

People who ask you to pay for something over the phone. Don’t share any of your bank or card details

Calls or messages where you’re asked to call back. Don’t call back

And text messages?

Be wary of: 

Messages asking you for personal information like passwords or bank details. Delete it

Strange-looking replies to ‘for sale’ ads. These are another way to fool you into clicking on fake links or replying to fake email addresses.

How can I protect myself?

Follow our general safety tips:

Protect your computer, phones and pads with the latest version of your web browser and use an anti-virus program

Never let your email address or passwords be visible on any website

Always check contact numbers and websites independently

Hang up on suspicious callers

Don’t open suspicious links or websites

Don’t respond to suspicious texts or emails. Just delete them

If you’re suspicious of a seller that’s been in touch, contact them directly to check it was them

Don’t pay anything if you’re told you’ve won a prize or competition

Look for spelling and grammar mistakes in emails, texts and on websites

Look for inaccurate brand names or company logos

Check the internet for information on the latest scams. There are often online warnings, and police websites carry up-to-date information

Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t ‘feel right’, it probably isn’t

And, if you still have doubts, check your suspicions with friends and family

For any concerns or questions:

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