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  • Why Buyandsell?

    Buyandsell allows you to easily post adverts so that you can connect with potential buyers.

  • How to post

    Its so easy to post products. we do encourage all users to register to make sure website is easy to use and you can monitor your account at any time. It also makes it easy to receive alerts about transactions.

  • How to post with Buyandsell

    This is very easy. you can use either buyandsell app or use browser. Most browsers are supported. After registration, Give your advert a nice title to attract potential buyers. Choose the most appropriate category to make it easy to search for products. There are other field as well. You will need to select price and make you tick that price is negotiable if that is the case Make sure to upload pictures as buyers can check products. Just click submit. Sometimes we do moderate to make sure that adverts are appropriate. Once your advert is live, you will receive email alert. There are other services we hope to offer so that you can have fantastic experience using buyandsell.

  • Is it free to post on Buyandsell?

    we do offer many free services to our users. But to get offers quickly for potential buyers we offer fee-based services. we call them Feature Ads. The advantage of of doing this is to ensure that you can sell products faster as your ads are displayed above others.

  • What happens after my ad is posted?

    After your ads is posted, you will usually have an account to monitor your ads. you can updates pictures, descriptions.You can also rearrange pictures because you might want to make your main picture to stand out. if there are problems with your ad, we will inform you why and advertise you of what to do.

  • What else can i do with my account.

    Through your account: 1. You can add new ads 2. You receive notifications. Read and reply to messages 3. You can make payments to upgrade your adverts. 4. You can update your details and reset passwords.

  • Rules for posting

    Use pictures as much as possible. The more pictures you add, the likelihood of selling product and it gives information to buyers We advise that you select the right category to make it easy to search for products. However we have made provision for unspecified categories and will update categories when the need arise. Give distinctive title. Make sure the price is right. You can check other price of similar products. Make clear description for the items. Include as much details as possible. Do not duplicate ads. Only one ad for one product We advise that you sell legally permitted products only No naked/nude pictures Please delete your ad once items is sold Contact us:

  • How can I reach more people with my ads?

    You can edit your ads by more description or change pictures You can share your ads on social media If there are problems with your ads, please contact us. we do review ads

  • Be security conscious

    Never share your account details with anyone. never give out your bank and card details to sellers. It is safe to make payment with your card on our website. All your card details are never stored with us. we use latest security to protect your transactions and details. Be sure to only reply to mails that comes from us and do double check for any compromise. If there are doubts, do not reply to mail. You can message sellers directly through your account/dashboard and this is safe and secure. Never make offer prepayment before seeing product. Reduce fraud!!!

  • How to Boost Ads Sale?

    Like we said above, everyone can post free but if you want sales fast, you can make a payment for featured ads. we accept bank transfer and bank cards. we will continue to update payment methods that we accept. Contact us if you have issues with payment

  • What we do not allow for sale/Ad

    Weapons and Ammunitions Narcotics, enhancing drugs and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist Cocaine, heroine, marijuana and other illegal drugs Restricted military/police items Human organs Stolen properties of any form Illegal/pirated copies Code grabbing and lock picking devices Electronic equipment prohibited by the law Sexually-oriented services: Adult entertainment, like blue movies Alcohol Enhancing drugs Sex toys Blood, bone and waste Donor, surrogacy and fertility services Sperm and eggs Organs Used pregnancy tests Cigarettes, cigars and loose tobacco Electronic cigarette filters Loans and money transactions. Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs Products (offers or services) prohibited to sell by the law

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